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Pedro’s Experience
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My experience in the Bereklauw was amazing, it was exactly what I was looking for. People that live together, helping each other. Here I see that it’s possible to live like this, without excessive things, living from and for nature. … Read More

Social Tripperz – History
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If you want to understand a community you’ve to start from the beginning. In this video Gosse, the owner of the place, talks about the history of one of the oldest community in Belgium: Bereklauw aka “The Ideas Factory”. So … Read More

Social Tripperz – People
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After seeing the history of this place, let’s get back to the present.What kind of people live or pass by Bereklauw?In this video Gosse, Fatima and Philippe talk about the life in a community. What does daily life look like … Read More

Social Tripperz – The Eco Village
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Many people dream of this lifestyle. The most common question is: How is possible to live without a “real” job? In this last (and most important, i think) video from Belgium, some people that live in Bereklauw show us the … Read More

Kunstroute 2019
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Zondag 28 april, woensdag 1 mei en zondag 5 mei Telkens tussen 10u en 18u Gratis toegang Kunstenaars zijn erg actief in regio Leuven. Wil je dit zelf ervaren? Kunstroute-Leuven biedt je die kans. Op zondag 28 april, woensdag 1 … Read More

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