The Ideas Factory

This place is known as “Ideas Factory” and is a community that has already exists for more than 30 years. People come and go but the owner of the place, Gosse, is always about in his usual busy mode. At this moment about 10 people are living here.

The community is located at Herent, a village nearby (3km) the University City of Leuven (Louvain) and close to Brussels. See our contacts page for more information..

As to the community’s organization, there are no strict rules, so everyone is responsible for his/her own actions, with due respect for the others and for the environment. Diversity is considered enriching in itself and, historically, a lot of different people with various backgrounds passed by and helped to make this place what it is today, a very special and unique place.

We have been hosting International working camps for the last 15 years (through cooperation with VIA NGO and EVS). We have also been hosting long-term EVS volunteers for 7 years. 
This place is also member of the Alternative travelers network (NAR) 

Here´s a list of what this place has to offer: 

  • Living space with two kitchens (indoor and outdoor), living space, bathrooms, bread oven
  • Meadow/open terrain with infrastructure for cultural events (stage, bar, barbecue area, tents, fireplace, compost toilets, showers…) 
  • Vegetable and fruit gardens (greenhouses), relaxing garden
  • Workshops (suitable for working with wood, metal, electricity, painting, blacksmith’s, welding,
    garage,…) with plenty of materials and tools for crafts and art creations
  • Artistic/hobbyist/social recycling with extensive storage of all kinds of re-usable materials
  • Internet facilities (wifi)
  • Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French,( plus others depending on the current people)
  • We provide food (vegetarian or non-vegetarian), room or caravan to sleep (please contact us concerning availability or bring a tent to be sure, your own sleeping bag is also important).

In general this place and its people are involved in a very wide range of socio-cultural and ecological activities and will always welcome an extra pair of hands. More we could use some help with 

  • Gardening
  • Cleaning/maintenance
  • Cooking
  • Taking care of animals (we have goats, chickens, ducks, gooses, pig, dogs, cats, pigeons, peacocks…)
  • Cutting wood
  • Re-organizing of stored re-usable material
  • Decorating with art creations 
  • Last but not least: bringing positive energy, making music and dance!

With our strong interest in community building and strengthening social coherence we might add that besides individuals looking to blend in, families and groups able to give their own incentives are also very welcome!

  • The structure is mainly anarquic, and, depending on the people that are present, sometimes even the basic things like cleaning and arranging are missing! So don´t be surprised by finding some chaos! In that case, if you want some order you must make it your self, it will be appreciated!
  • Like everybody tends to be busy with their own activities we cannot guarantee a personal reception at all times
  • You should bring a flash light because at night the streets are not illuminated
  • It is appreciated that you communicate what you would like to do in this community, in which way you would like to help and what your abilities are

We are looking forward to your visit!!